Cretaceous Keepsakes: Our Top Buys in Jurassic Outfitters

Nestled between Thunder Falls Terrace and Jurassic Park River Adventure in Islands of Adventure (or directly across from Camp Jurassic for our followers with kids) is Jurassic Outfitters, a jungle themed shop that specializes in Jurassic Park apparel, toys, and collectables. While some offerings may be semi-permanent fixtures in the shop (looking at you autographed Jeff Goldblum plaque), there are plenty of rotating items that make fantastic gifts and souvenirs! Whether looking for art, dinosaur toys, or backpacks, Jurassic Outfitters is sure to please every dino lover in the family!

Jurassic World Poster Prints: $17

These Compsognathus-sized versions of the posters that hang in the locker area of the Velocicoaster are a steal at only $17 each.

Assorted Dinosaur Metal Signs: $35

If prints aren’t your thing but you’re still interested in dinosaur adorned walls, you can take your pick from one of these metal signs priced at $35 each. 

Loungefly Funko Pop Jurassic Park Backpack and Wallet: $82 and $55 respectively

These adorable Funko Pop items feature a magnetic gate door and Funko Pop versions of some of our favorite original Jurassic Park characters. The backpack retails on Amazon for $89 currently, so purchasing at Jurassic Outfitters is a great option for those looking for some Loungefly swag. Pro Tip: Flip over the backpack for a Dr. Ian Malcolm Easter egg. 

Assorted Jurassic Park Collectable Pins: $8-$11

Pin collectors delight! Jurassic Outfitters is home to a variety of Jurassic Park and Jurassic World pins that are perfect to collect, trade, or take home as a low cost keepsake to remind you of your time on Isla Nublar. 

Fill a Dino: $22

Rounding out our list is dino inception at its finest. When you purchase Fill a Dino, you are able to fill a medium sized dinosaur head with, you guessed it, mini dinosaurs! The dino head fits roughly 10-15 dinosaurs and is a perfect souvenir for kids! 

What souvenir are you grabbing on your next trip to Jurassic Park? Let us know in the comments below!

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