A Review of Bird of Paradise Specialty Cocktail At The Watering Hole In Islands of Adventure

Today, I tried the Bird of Paradise specialty cocktail at the Watering Hole in Islands of Adventure.

Highly recommend this if you are a lover of fruity and rum based cocktails.

It’s made with Malibu Passion Fruit rum, bitters and fruit juices shaken together with Flor De Cana dark rum on top. I recommend drinking with a straw or at least mixing it first as the first sip is going to be almost entirely rum.

Once mixed together, it is a light, sweet and refreshing drink perfect for a warm Florida afternoon!

Served in a souvenir Pilsner cup and an edible flower garnish (nothing special about the flower honestly it just tasted like a leaf

), it’s sold for $13.99+tax. A little insider tip from a team member, if you bring the cup back during any time of your stay, you can get it refilled with any of their specialty cocktails for only $11!

*Also it’s not listed on their menu but they can make a Long Island Iced Tea if you ask*

Image ©Universal News Today

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